Happy Halloween from everyone here on the Harmony staff!

We’ve hit a lot of milestones in the past month or so.. Got 200+ followers on Tumblr, 100 Likes on Facebook, all kinds of crazy stuff.

So, to celebrate… We’re going to offer a limited edition Wall scroll of our Halloween art! There will only be 100 of these produced, so it’s best to swoop ‘em up before they’re all gone!

Due to Hurricane Sandy making a mess of things on the East coast of the United States; We’re going to donate 10% of the profits of the wall scroll to the Red Cross.

To purchase one of these beauties, go to our Product page harmonyvn.tumblr.com/product/ Currently we only accept payment through Paypal, and only shipping to the USA. If you’re out of the country and want one bad enough; please send me a message and I will figure out shipping rates to get one to you.

All of the profits from this product (minus the 10% Red Cross donation) will be used to further develop the game and cover any other random promotional material we have planned.

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